Planning Your 2017

As the challenging year of 2016 comes to an end, so does all the 2016 planners come to their end too and most probably, these planners also did have their challenging moments with you. Yes, You!

(Remember your heavily pressed writing when your boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you. Oh! I’m sorry for making you remember that.)

And just like any other year, I am quite sure that a lot of your friends have been crazily sipping (no, no, no, not sipping but chugging..) chugging down tons and tons of caffeine into their system just to get their 2017 planners from different coffee shops most especially the planner from the green mermaid we call Starbucks®.

For those who are not familiar, every year, the green mermaid, Starbucks® has this Christmas tradition of letting you collect a certain number of stickers to be able to redeem one (1) of their limited edition Starbucks Coffee Planner. This year, Starbucks’ requirement for those who want their limited edition planner  is to collect a total of eighteen (18) stickers; nine (9) Stickers that can be collected when you buy any of their core handcrafted beverage and the other nine (9) when you buy any of their holiday featured beverage. (Note: 1 Beverage = 1 Sticker)

If you try to calculate that, the cost of the green mermaid’s planner, it will be ranging from ₱ 2,000.00 – ₱ 4,000.00 or roughly around $ 43.00 – $ 85.00 depending on what beverage and beverage size you are going to buy. Now, if you have the money to afford such or if you can ask the help of your friends to collect the stickers for you then CONGRATULATIONS! You got yourself your limited edition, over priced 2017 planner!

But for those of you who cannot afford the green mermaid’s planner or cannot get their friend/s to support them since they’re also collecting their own (but in the end cannot complete the 18-sticker requirement haha!) there are a lot of alternatives out there and here’s one of them.

Tita Witty’s The “Ang Alamat Kung Bakit Single Ka Pa Rin” and Other Mysteries Planner 2017
(English Translation: Aunt Witty’s The “The Legend of Why You are Still Single” and Other Mysteries Planner 2017)

Living up to its name, it really is one witty planner indeed! It contains tips on how to be happy when you’re in a relationship – and when you’re not, 10 Commandments for single gals and pals, a list of attainable goals for 2017 for your finances, health, love life and others, new things to learn and even moving on with your disastrous, emotionally, spiritually and physically draining relationship with your ex. It even have these “trackers” like the

“Mag-e-exercise na talaga ako” tracker (English Translation: “I would really exercise this time” tracker)
that allows you to track the dates when you bought a workout gear (but really never used them) and other activities/ events that ‘fortunately’, did not allow you to proceed with your well planned exercise.

Well, just like any other planner in the planet, you can also plot your schedule and write down your everyday heartaches in this nearly 6.5 x 6.5 inches, hardbound bookish thing which costs ₱ 520.00 only if you order online.

Now maybe you’re thinking how to buy this witty planner, well it’s quite simple, you can order online by visiting Witty Will Save The World, Co.’s website or by visiting the following stores

Fully Booked

Alabang Town Center | L2 Ayala Center Cebu | B6 Bonifacio Highstreet, BGC |
3/F Century City Mall | 4/F Eastwood Mall | G/F Glorietta 3 (Bibliarch) | LGF Greenbelt 5 | 2/F Greenhills Promenade | Katipunan (Regis Center) | Limketkai Center CDO |
South Wing, SM Mall of Asia | 4/F Mega Fashion Hall SM Megamall | L4 SM North EDSA Taft (Torre Lorenzo) | Trinoma


F Power Plant Mall, Rockwell | UGF SM Megamall A | 4F SM Aura | LG Estancia Mall |
1F UP Town Center

Invitation House

Glorietta 2 | B1 Greenbelt 5


UP Diliman Shopping Center

FAB Manila

Alabang Town Center


Mabini St. San Juan

Mt. Cloud Bookshop

Casa Vallejo, DPS Compound, Baguio City

I’m not saying that this is the best and the only alternative to that green mermaid’s planner but I strongly recommend it especially if you want some good laugh when writing your entry.

Hope you all have a great 2017! Happy Planning!


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